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A detoxifying, muscle relaxing and skin rejuvenating treatment.


Purified water (no chlorinated tap water) with added natural herbs, organic green and honeybush tea extract and organic fulvic containing micro elements and nutrients.
Suitable for all skintypes.  Bathconcentrate and time can be adjusted for very sensitive skins. (no chemicals or preservatives are added)


  • Detoxifying and destressing treatment
  • Skin rejeuvenating and anti-ageing
  • Treatment of pruritic and inflammed skin conditions
  • Improvement of general health through the natural anti-oxidant, antibiotic,   antiviral and antifungal properties of the ingredients.

Procedure: (aprox 1 hour )

  • Exfoliating organic seaweed and salt body scrub ( 10 minutes)
  • Shower to cleanse body of scrub
  • Soak in bath for skin absorption of ingredients (30 minutes)
  • Head and shoulder massage  (15 minutes – in bath or on massage bed)
  • Dripdry for better skinabsorption or shower to wash off the browny colour of bath ingredients.


Elands Bay Skin and Beauty Clinic

    (Elands Bay Hotel)
   Every day available - contact Leana: 073 237 4543

Elands Bay medical and medical aesthetics skin clinic

   See specials for scheduled dates

Lamberts Bay medical and medical aesthetics skin clinic

( Medical centre no 4 , main road , Lamberts Bay )
    Every Friday afternoon and Saturday morning or scheduled
                        – contact : 027 432 1136 / John : 083 250 4706


Aromatherapy, IPL & Skincare Clinic

 ( 7 Impala str, Vredendal )
   Weekdays and weekends– contact Annari at : 083 612 0772

Vredendal Medical and Medical Aesthetics Clinic

(7 Impala street, Vredendal - see front office signs)
 Tuesdays: 17:00 - 19:00 and Wednesdays: 7:00 - 8:00
                     - contact: 027 432 1136